Carlie Hanson Premieres 'Girls in Line for the Bathroom' Video

Carlie Hanson Premieres 'Girls in Line for the Bathroom' Video

All the girlies know there's something special about waiting in the bathroom line, mostly because it's a place where you can meet anyone and anything can happen. But after two years of missing these whirlwind moments of connection and fleeting moments of friendship, it's time to finally rejoin the queue and get acquainted with Carlie Hanson via her brand new video for "Girls in Line for the Bathroom."

Taken from Carlie's debut full-length, Tough Boy, this perfect pop gem is a buoyant celebration of the strange yet intimate encounters that happen while we're all waiting for a bathroom stall to open up. Because whether you need a tampon, some lip gloss, someone to hold back your hair or a piece of wadded toilet paper handed to you from the girl in the next stall, it's a communal experience unique to those hazy nights out that range from the glittery to the grungy to the glam.

So in honor of Tough Boy's release, Carlie's reminding us of these beautiful moments through a series of bathroom mirror selfies that'll make you feel like you're back in a smoky corridor surrounded by gorgeous girls, just like the ones you see in her irresistibly fun video for "Girls in Line for the Bathroom." Check it out below.

Is there a specific experience that sparked the idea for this chorus?

I wrote "Girls in Line for the Bathroom" during quarantine with some friends. If I remember correctly, I was telling my friend, Lauren, about how I was a little letdown because I was turning 21 years old soon and couldn’t enjoy going out to clubs or bars because we were living in a pandemic! We then got on the topic of how vibey the girl’s bathroom is and how much girls hype you up when we’re all in a communal place — just us — like in the bathroom, handing each other things, sharing make-up, gum, etc.

What’s your greatest memory or conversation from talking to a girl in the line at the bathroom?

I do have this really hazy memory of being in line with my best friend at a party and we were really chatting it up with some girls next to us. I woke up in the morning and I had this video of us standing on the sink in the bathroom, being absolute messes, and shouting lyrics to "London Bridge."

Who’re the girls featured in this video? What was your approach from a casting POV?

Almost all of the people I chose for the "GILFTB" were my friends! I knew it would be more authentic having gals in the video that I knew, instead of picking a bunch of people I’ve never met. Every single one of them killed it! We kind of assigned roles [and] acting parts to each girl, so they could each portray a different emotion. Because as we know, there’s a lot of different personalities at the club in the ladies bathroom. I really enjoyed watching Meghan, the girl who can’t live without her vape. That’s really how I used to be with my Juul — but not anymore.

How is this song and video a reflection of the themes/vibes of TOUGH BOY?

Tough Boy is about embracing all of the different sides of myself. "GILFTB" shows a more fun and light side of who I am. Often times I resort to writing about things that I’m angry or sad about. It’s sometimes harder for me to dive into the more fun, not-so serious parts of myself, which is weird because that’s 90% of who I am! I also think a huge theme to note from "GILFTB" is supporting one another! Let’s do it ladies. Hype each other up! It’s important to spread that kind of energy, especially right now with how intense the world around us is.

Stream Tough Boy by Carlie Hanson, below.

Photography: Alexis Gross