Cardi B Gives a Sneak Peek into Her Movie 'Hustlers'

Cardi B Gives a Sneak Peek into Her Movie 'Hustlers'

After being indicted on felony charges in connection to a strip club brawl, Cardi B has posted a photo preview into her movie debut Hustlers.

She posted a photo on Instagram wearing Fenty lingerie, specifically a corset, fishnet tights, sparkling pasties, along with silver platform heels. Cardi posted the photo with the caption, "Diamond likes to wear @fenty lingerie #HUSTLERS."

Diamond is the name of Cardi's character-to-be, and she'll be starring alongside Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, Constance Wu and Lili Reinhart. The film follows the story of a group of strippers in New York City, as they band together to hustle some Wall Street suits/ former clients.

The movie is set to premiere in fall 2019.

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