Call Me Loop Plays Love Games in 'Year of the Ex'

Call Me Loop Plays Love Games in 'Year of the Ex'

Call Me Loop is ready for competition in her new single, "Year of the Ex."

The rising English artist, who famously co-wrote The Pussycat Dolls' 2020 comeback, "React," sings about 365 days of failed romances — but turns it into a hilarious bop that merely highlights her "process," as she says. "So when I need a pick-me-up, I know it's one of them I'll be calling," Loop warns, before the big, bright chorus: "It was the Year of the Ex/ Doing it over and over/ Which one of you's next?"

For her "Year of the Ex" music video, premiering today on PAPER, Loop wanted to build a narrative centered on "a love story that showed a constant power struggle," as she herself relates to the dynamic "where you and an ex are trying so hard not to go there, but one of you always breaks or makes the other person break."

So they created a "Love Championship," where Loop challenges her ex to different rounds of physical activity, from basketball to badminton and table tennis. The nostalgic visual shows Loop and her former lover "constantly trying to one-up each other, getting super competitive," though Loop ultimately wins.

"Whether that's because I got my way and I got him to come back to me, or whether I finally put an end to the Year of the Ex," Loop says. "That's open to interpretation."

Watch Call Me Loop's "Year of the Ex" music video and stream it, below.

Photos courtesy of Call Me Loop