BTS Fans Are Freaking Out Over Jungkook's Blue Hair

BTS Fans Are Freaking Out Over Jungkook's Blue Hair

BTS fans are freaking out over Jungkook's colorful new look.

Just one month after going blond, the K-pop heartthrob unveiled his striking blue hair in a mirror selfie and revealed that it was a DIY dye job. And needless to say, the announcement has sent ARMY into a frenzy.

For the most part, the vast majority of fans loved the look. However, some were also surprised by the quick color switch-up, especially since Jungkook was still rocking his old color during BTS's recently aired episode of MTV Unplugged.

"IM NOT OVER WITH BLONDE AND YOU WENT BLUEEE WHAT????," as one commenter wrote, while another added, "I didn't have enough time to get over blonde undercut Jungkook and then he just hits me with Blue Jungkook. Fck me."

Meanwhile, a few fans also hypothesized that the color change meant the star could potentially have another big surprise up his sleeve: His JJK1 mixtape.

And others expressed their excitement over the possibility of seeing Jungkook's blue hair during a potential performance at the upcoming 2021 Grammys.

But while we'll have to wait and see if BTS will grace the Grammys with a performance, until then, see what else ARMY is saying about the new look below.

Photo via Twitter