BTS Cosplayed as The Beatles on 'Colbert'

BTS Cosplayed as The Beatles on 'Colbert'

For most bands, Beatles nods feel absurd, but BTS have earned theirs. Last night, the biggest boy band of 2019 (they still have that title on lock for now, sorry Jonas Brothers) cosplayed as their 1960's counterparts on Colbert, mimicking the Beatles' first visit to the states. Did none one seriously think to do this with One Direction?

The show got a full-on 1960's make-over as The Ed Sullivan Show. Colbert dressed up as Sullivan and the boys performed their Map of the Soul: Persona hit "Boy With Luv" in matching skinny-tie suits, their trendy cuts brushed to resemble bowl cuts. The crowd was even planted with screaming girls in swing skirts and cat's eye glasses.

The whole affair is extremely fun: especially the moment when Colbert introduces them "from across the pond: the big one, with Hawaii in it" and as "The cute one, the cute one, the cute one, the cute one, the cute one, the cute one, and... the cute one."

If you'd like to remind yourself how much better dancers BTS are than The Beatles, here's the performance they were mimicking.

The BTS Army is likely spastic with joy at seeing their idols tapped as Beatles successors. BTS has given them so much to stan lately, between their SNL performance,performance, the news that Dior's Kim Jones is personally designing their tour looks, and the recent reveal that they're down to collab with Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan and Drake. Many loyal cadets could recently be found camping out in Central Park, waiting for tickets to the band's Good Morning America slot.

Photo via YouTube