Bryce Hall Appears to React to Addison Rae's Tanner Buchanan Kiss

Bryce Hall Appears to React to Addison Rae's Tanner Buchanan Kiss

Bryce Hall doesn't seem all that happy about Addison Rae's kiss with her He's All That co-star.

Last night, Rae and Tanner Buchanan locked lips as presenters of the MTV Movie and TV Awards' "Best Kiss" honor. You, know standard PR stuff.

Even so, the on-stage smooch also caused quite the stir from fans who were less than enthused about having to watch the kiss, if the multiple tweets about "no one wanting to see that" are any indication.

Not only that, but the moment also ended up sparking some online speculation about what Hall's potential reaction to seeing his ex locking lips with her co-star. And the general consensus? That he was probably crying himself to sleep.

After all, it's no secret that the TikTok power couple broke up for the second time after Hall allegedly cheated on Rae during a trip earlier this year. Additionally, Rae herself fed into the fan frenzy after accidentally referencing her "ex-boyfriend" during a chat with Zane Lowe about her song "Obsessed," shortly after tweeting that she was "disappointed but not surprised" in an apparent allusion to the rumors.

Granted, it didn't take long for Hall to cryptically tweet out that something "sucked" but he was "moving on," before adding that he was now trying to "fully focus" on himself in preparation for his upcoming fight with Austin McBroom next month. Soooo looks like the internet was probably pretty spot-on about this one.

Check out Hall's tweets for yourself below.

Photos via Getty / Albert L. Ortega & Kevin Mazur