Brooklyn Liberation March Returns to Support Black Trans Lives

Brooklyn Liberation March Returns to Support Black Trans Lives

Story by Sandra Song / Photography by Hatnim Lee

During last summer's inaugural Brooklyn Liberation March, thousands gathered in front of the Brooklyn Museum to demand justice for Dominique "Rem'mie" Fells, Riah Milton, Tony McDade and other Black trans folx. However, after a year of increased anti-trans legislation and continued violence against the community, the protest returned on Sunday, June 13 in solidarity and support of Black trans liberation, because as Marsha P. Johnson once said, there's "no Pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.'"

According to the Brooklyn Liberation website, the 2021 march was organized as an "emergency action in response to the more than 100 pieces of [anti-trans] legislation that have been filed in over 34 states." So in support of the trans youth being targeted by these "ignorant and violent as fuck" bills, thousands wearing white rallied together under the banner of fighting back against the powers-that-be, centering the voices of trans youth, as well as justice for Layleen Polanco and the other Black trans people who are still being murdered.

In light of the far-reaching importance of this year's protest, photographer Hatnim Lee captured a number of powerful scenes from the march, and to say they're immensely powerful is an understatement. As such, you can see Lee's photos below, as well as learn more about Brooklyn Liberation's mission, here.

Photo by Hatnim Lee

Photos by Hatnim Lee