Brad Pitt's Girlfriend-Inspired Beauty Transformations Will Shake You

Brad Pitt's Girlfriend-Inspired Beauty Transformations Will Shake You

Of all the looks offered by Hollywood megastars, Brad Pitt's have been among the most varied. He's gone from surfer shag to sleek brunette; a mountain beard to clean shaven; a choppy mullet to luxuriously long tresses. And while you may have assumed at first glance that Pitt's updates to his image are entirely random, a pattern has finally emerged: his girlfriends.

The star has spent the better part of 30 years in the spotlight—an amount of time that has allowed for his adoption of many different styles, and his wooing of many different women. The good people of the Internet dove deep into the Getty archives to find the best of Brad Pitt with each of his girlfriends, and discovered there's a big correlation between Pitt's aesthetic-of-the-moment and the woman he was dating. In fact, Brad Pitt doesn't just change for his ladies, he becomes them.

Brad Pitt does matching outfits with his girlfriends. Brad Pitt undergoes the same highlights as his girlfriends. Brad Pitt styles his hair the same way as his girlfriends. Brad Pitt buys the same sunglasses as his girlfriends. Brad Pitt matches the expression of his girlfriends.

But wait, there's even more.

​Then, with the help of other Brad Pitt aficionados, more pictures started surfacing.

As of late, Brad Pitt is single, sculpting and currently looks like this. As for what we can expect from him now, it all depends on his next lucky lady — maybe Tiffany Haddish?

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