Bottoms Debut New 'Parasite' EP

Bottoms Debut New 'Parasite' EP

Brooklyn-based electro-queer trio Bottoms have returned with their wickedly fun Parasite EP — and, despite initial appearances, it's a lot deeper than just blood and guts.

Keeping in line with their past work, Parasite is a dark — yet highly danceable — rumination on the loss, addiction, and trauma experienced by band members Símone Leahy, Jake Dibeler, and Michael Prommasit over the course of their two-year hiatus.

As the group explained, while Leahy was in the process of battling a severe addiction and divorcing her husband — all in the midst of a "full-blown gender crisis," no less — Dibeler also was experiencing an "emotional rock bottom" of his own thanks to a mentally abusive relationship that had left him "completely and totally fucked."

However, in the time since, Bottoms have found their way back and are, arguably, better than ever. Because while Parasite may be a rooted in some deep-set pain and a number of macabre horror film samples, it definitely retains the same irreverent edge that made us fall in love with Bottoms in the first place.

From a song about being possessed by a demon to an ode to a lesbian utopian island, it's quite different from the group's more dance-geared past. Granted, we personally think Parasite's more industrial-leaning tendencies make it an ominously fun listen, and honestly think you'll agree.

Listen to Parasite for yourself, below.

Photo courtesy of Bottoms