The Evolution of the Suit at Boss

The Evolution of the Suit at Boss

For the Boss fall 2019 collection, chief brand officer Ingo Wilts said the collection was inspired by the gallery crowd and curators of New York City. The majority of the pieces fell under the suiting category, but there were also so dresses, knits and ultra wearable skirts and matching tops with slightly quirky details thrown in. You just had to look twice. Here's everything you need to know about the show.

Shades of Beige

At 70 different looks, this co-ed collection was on the more expansive side. But nearly 30 different of the first outfits came strictly in shades of beige with off-white tones. The good news is, that the brand managed to make the clothing appealing by using different textures and fabrics to make the hue have a more modern effect.

Tailoring Season

There was a heavy emphasis on tailoring for Boss' fall 2019 show. Coats, suits and other pieces for both men and women had a good amount of structure.

Think Pink

Monochromatic dressing seemed to be the theme here. And several all-pink looks graced the runway. The most stunning may have been the slim cut pink suit worn by one male model.

Lush Leather

Under the bright runway lights, the leathers on the runway looked more lush than ever. Whether in the form of a tailored jet black blazer or a perfectly cut trench, these were standouts in the collection.


Thigh-high boots in shades like cognac leather for women were some of the pieces that spiced up more conservative mid-length skirts and suits. A white leather pair of the same boots, for example, completely modernized a gray wool outfit.

Photos via IMAXTree