The Internet Eviscerates the Argument That 'Boomer' Is a 'Slur'

The Internet Eviscerates the Argument That 'Boomer' Is a 'Slur'

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the past few weeks, you'll likely have seen the phrase "OK, Boomer" pop up in reference to out-of-touch Boomers. And given the Gen Z/millennial rallying cry's popularity, like clockwork, a Boomer felt the need to complain about the sarcastic usage of the term — even going so far as to deign it an ageist slur.

Yesterday, a conservative radio host by the name of Bob Lonsberry made the unwise decision to share a gobsmackingly shitty take via Twitter, writing, "being hip and flip does not make bigotry ok, nor is a derisive epithet acceptable because it is new." The worst part though? Lonsberry referred to the designation as "the n-word of ageism."

Naturally, it didn't take long for Lonsberry to get ratioed to hell, with everyone from comedian Travon Free to Blink-182's Mark Hoppus joining in on the conversation.

In fact, even got involved and had to completely eviscerate Lonsberry via some extremely basic facts — something that, as one commenter pointed out, means "you have to log off forever and turn all your possessions over to the local library."

Their response? Uh, a brief mention of the ginormous distinction between a term that is "an informal noun referring to a person born during a baby boom, especially one born in the U.S. between 1946 and 1965" and "one of the most offensive words in the English language."

Needless to say, Lonsberry has since deleted the tweet, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some quality roasts of his post — check out a few of our favorites, below.

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