Dictionary.com Has Revealed the Word of the Year is "Complicit"

Dictionary.com Has Revealed the Word of the Year is "Complicit"

Forget "naughty" and "nice because Santa will be adding a third category to his Christmas list this year: "complicit." The word, which was brought to the forefront of pop culture with Scarlett Johansson's depiction of Ivanka Trump in on SNL, and was once again referenced in Ivanka Trump's now famous interview with CBS This Morning.

For your viewing pleasure — a little refresh.

Here's another sweet lil throwback.

The stats are in and they say there was a 300 percent increase in searches for complicit in 2017 from 2016.

"We continue to see a direct correlation between trending word lookups and current events, and we find it encouraging that our users are dedicated to understanding the language and words that pop up in the biggest news stories of the year," said Liz McMillan, CEO of Dictionary.com.

The rise in look-ups also apparently correlates with Trump's ties to Russia, as well as humanity's collective shrug in response to the impending apocalypse due to global warming. Makes sense.

I guess let's make next year's word...adversarial? Or just anything else.

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