BOND 'Nails' It With Their New Hardware Collection

BOND 'Nails' It With Their New Hardware Collection

New York based jewelry outfitters, BOND Hardware, really take the term "industrial" to heart. Browsing their online storefront feels just like rifling through your dad's old toolbox, albeit plated in a shiny silver finish. From drill bit rosaries to acrylic buzzsaw necklaces, BOND has leaned into their "hardware" namesake in a playful, upscale manner that has made them an absolute must-have for those of us on fashion's cutting edge.

BOND's latest collection takes inspiration from a classic fastener: the nail. Playing with scale and shape, the Nail Collection reinterprets the utilitarian design in a variety of forms ranging from necklaces to earrings and even hairpins. Available in Sterling Silver, 10K, and 18K gold finishes, the upscale collection is versatile enough go from gallery hopping in Chelsea during the day to Warehouse raving in Bushwick at night.

Modeled by Raisa Flowers (who also did makeup for the shoot), Soouizz Emeka Okeke, and David Parnel, the collection appears along side a new line of Hex rings that take after the hexagonal shape of the nuts and bolts they resemble. All pieces are locally designed and crafted with a concerted effort towards maintaining a sustainable, ethical, and innovative production process.

The Nail Collection is currently available to shop now from BOND Hardware's online store. Get up close and personal with the collection's full lookbook below:

Photos Courtesy of BOND Hardware