Blumarine's Latest Y2K Muse Is One of Fashion's OG Supermodels

Blumarine's Latest Y2K Muse Is One of Fashion's OG Supermodels

by Trishna Rikhy

For Blumarine, there’s no time like the past. Practically synonymous with all things Y2K, the Italian fashion house’s latest collection continues to be inspired by the It-girls and fashion babes that dominated pap photos at the time.

After paying homage to names like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Butterfly-era Mariah Carey in past seasons, Blumarine turned to one of the most iconic supermodels of the 2000s for Pre-Fall 2022 — Gisele Bündchen.

“Gisele was stratospheric, gorgeousness incarnate, she still is,” Brognano told Vogue of the Brazilian bombshell, who was a familiar face on the brand’s runways from 1999 to 2001. “That sexiness brasileira. Who’s the woman who doesn’t want to be her, yesterday, today, or tomorrow?”

Photo via Getty

Photo via Getty

Absent are the signs of girls-just-wanna-have-fun adolescence for this pre-fall lineup. Instead, the brand’s ever-present Y2K vocabulary is elevated through a sexy feminine aesthetic, drawing on a more refined vision of the early aughts, reworking Brognano’s visual codes in signature Blumarine baby pink and complemented by a deep red and grunge-y black palette. She’s a little more grown up now.

“She doesn’t sit in her bedroom combing her hair in front of the mirror listening to Shakira or Beyoncé,” Brognano told Vogue. “Now she wants to get out of the house, basta.”

The iconic Blumarine butterfly is swapped in favor of a lynx-printed motif this season, and instead of ultra-cropped camis and micro-mini slip dresses, Blumarine channels the rich-bitch, Gisele Bündchenness of the 2000s, where dresses swing below the knee, skirts hit above the thigh, layering is a principle, and thick floral chokers tie everything together.

Because it wouldn’t really be the 2000s without a tiny handbag just large enough to fit an even tinier dog, eco-fur bags with a new, modernized logo clasp ensure the craze for Y2K accessories won’t be fading out any time soon.

Indeed, in Brognano’s world, everything is still super low-waisted, and cargo pants and ribbed sweaters are just as hot now as when Bundchen wore them everywhere. Statement fur collars and shearling coats build on Blumarine’s nostalgic noughties universe, while sensual knits — both cropped and elongated — and flirtatious day-to-night dresses are evidential of the newly rendered, newly awakened, newly captivating, confident Blumarine girl.

See more looks from Blumarine Pre-Fall 2022 in the gallery, below.

Photos courtesy of Blumarine