Bizu Bizu Don't Wanna Be 'Ur Secret' Anymore

Bizu Bizu Don't Wanna Be 'Ur Secret' Anymore

Mysterious, new pop duo Bizu Bizu may hide their identities behind masks in a shroud of anonymity, but they're not shy about sharing is how unapologetically queer they are. Having been described as the four-way love child of Smashing Pumpkins, Phoenix, Nasty Cherry and Bladee, the duo recently introduced themselves with their debut single, "Ur Secret."

A washed out head bopper, the 2000s-era track sees Bizu Bizu tackle feelings of "unrequited, down-low romance" over top guitars with a touch of "Bitter Sweet Symphony"-style strings. Tapping into the all too familiar queer experience of being a hidden lover, Bizu Bizu balance a unique mix of melancholy and fed up defiance with the refrain, "I won't be your secret."

Today, Bizu Bizu unveil a visual for "Ur Secret" that finally gives all the suburban queer goth kids the representation they deserve. Full of face paint, young lovers hanging out by the bleachers and dancing in fields, the music video strikes the same blend of rural malaise and unabashed alt attitude that makes "Ur Secret" work in the first place — deliberately weird, but in a way that still feels tender.

Having met and become fast friends during the pandemic, Bizu Bizu describe the origins of their new pop endeavors as having formed organically. “We had lived in the same city for years, but it wasn’t until we sat across from each other on the subway, wearing nearly identical outfits, that we met,” they recall.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Basement Jaxx, SOPHIE, Slowdive, A.G. Cook and imagery from Greg Araki, But I’m a Cheerleader and Jawbreaker, Bizu Bizu take their backgrounds in the fields of music, fashion and film to inform their new joint effort, while taking the opportunity to experiment and explore new artistic horizons.

“Fame is corny. We know too much about people now and it’s less fun, I think,” Bizu Bizu say of the decision to obfuscate their identities. “This project is about exploring different sides of ourselves without the pressure of being perceived, and it’s about friendship.”

Watch the PAPER premiere of Bizu Bizu's "Ur Secret" and stream the single, below.

Photo courtesy of Bizu Bizu