Billie Eilish Fans Defend Her For Not Knowing Van Halen

Billie Eilish Fans Defend Her For Not Knowing Van Halen

Billie Eilish fans are defending the star against the online backlash stemming from the fact that she doesn't know who Van Halen is.

While recently appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Eilish took a quiz on her musical knowledge. And one of the acts was none other than the '80s rock band, who the 17-year-old said she was not familiar with, asking, "Who? No, who is that?"

And while that's to be expected from someone who was born literal decades after Van Halen's heyday, Eilish was immediately criticized online by old farts who couldn't believe she didn't know who they were.

Thankfully, Eilish has also had her fair share of defenders on social media, including Wolf Van Halen, the band's current bassist and son of founding member/lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

"If you haven't heard of Billie Eilish, go check her out. She's cool," he tweeted. "If you haven't heard of Van Halen, go check them out. They're cool too. Music is supposed to bring us together, not divide us. Listen to what you want and don't shame others for not knowing what you like."

Not only that, but as many others pointed out, everyone's musical experience is different.

Plus, as one self-proclaimed Van Halen superfan said, "Van Halen has given Billie Eilish no reason to know who they are. They've done very little during her lifetime." Or, as the wise Smash Mouth guys put it, "We grew up listening to #VanHalen and we're old as fck [sic] so why would @billieeilish know who they are?"

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