Beyoncé Breaks Her Silence on Target

Beyoncé Breaks Her Silence on Target

I love Target. There's something profoundly comforting about the $1 section of decorative mason jars and glittery stickers that greets you as you walk in, the jugs of mixed nuts and cheese puffs for sale across from sequined tween clothing. From linens to electronics to a pair of summery suede mules, Target gems can be found all around my apartment. I own a diverse collection of Xhilaration original pieces.

I don't typically advertise this because it feels notably uncool to be grown woman buying lingerie and pillow cases at Target. But my days of shame are behind me. Last night, Beyoncé was spotted strutting down the aisle of a Beverly Hills Target. She looked regal and unapologetic in a peach pantsuit, loose curls and tiny sunglasses as she glided past shelves of mineral water, kitchen appliances and boxes of Pampers.

The fact that Beyoncé, who no doubt has personal shoppers at her disposal, would risk encountering paparazzi and selfie-hungry cashiers, just to pick up some multi-vitamins or maybe a new pair of AirPods from Target, truly reflects the store's singular retail experience.

Who knows, maybe Bey was just desperate for a Gatorade and everywhere else was closed. But still, emboldened by the superstar's approval, I finally feel free to walk its aisles and flaunt my 5 for 25 microfiber undies and off-brand Keds with pride. Truly, it's a monumental day for Target stans (which is to say: moms, college freshman and budgeting NYC twenty-somethings) everywhere!

The only question that remains is: what was Bey shopping for? Twitter is wildly speculating. Was it finger painting supplies for Sir and Rumi? A box of Pampers? Perhaps some travel-size toiletries? Our speculations are futile. You don't go to Target because you need something — you go to Target to find out what you need.

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