Beyoncé Croons On Eminem's New Track "Walk On Water"

Beyoncé Croons On Eminem's New Track "Walk On Water"

Four years after his last album release, Eminem's return to the spotlight felt inevitable when he unleashed a ferocious Trump-bashing freestyle at the BET awards, and was assured when he teased a new single release yesterday. Now "Walk On Water" is here with a hook by The Beyoncé no less and it's ... hmmm.

It's a surprisingly downtempo track, with some Nordstrom piano and Beyoncé literally crooning the lyric "I ain't no Jesus" while Eminem raps about his fall from popularity, his addiction issues and the struggle to top his old work. The Beyoncé addition feels like when restaurants add truffles to every random dish for no damn reason – it's fancy, but it makes no sense with the other flavors. In the very last bar of the song, the tempo seems to pick up a bit as Em builds his confidence, and the track closes on the line "BITCH I WROTE STAN," which is really all he needed to say in the first place.

Eminem will perform on SNL with Chance The Rapper on Nov. 18th, hopefully serving up mom's spaghetti sans truffles.

Listen to "Walk on Water" below...