7 Beauty Icons on Flawlessly Beating Your Face

7 Beauty Icons on Flawlessly Beating Your Face

By Jennifer Hussein

Whether you're a cosmetics novice or a full-on beauty junkie, we all struggle every now and then with getting our looks just right. So, who do we turn to for guidance? Only the top beauty gurus in the industry, of course. PAPER sat down with some of the biggest names in the business at Beautycon 2018 for the best tips on beating your face to perfection.

Mario Dedivanovic: Curl Your Lashes

Mario Dedivanovic has become something of a beauty God. He's credited for creating many of Kim Kardashian's best-known looks, and starred as a judge on the KKW-produced Lifetime beauty competition, Glam Masters. So, what is the one trick under his sleeve for serving face? It's actually pretty simple: curling your lashes. "One thing girls don't do a lot that they should do is curl their lashes," Dedivanovic told PAPER. "That's my number one tip, because it makes a big difference to create a fuller, longer look."

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Nikita Dragun: Experiment

Beauty influencer and LGTBQ+ activist Nikita Dragun stole our hearts with her genius makeup tutorials and overall charisma — she can walk into any room and slay the whole damn game in an instant with her style. Her major tip for creating striking looks of your own is by jumping out of your comfort zone and exploring whatever pops into your head. "Try different looks," she said. "Try them out at home, right before you go to bed so you can just wash it off and really push your boundaries with it."

Zanna Roberts Rassi: Blend Your Foundation

Zanna Rassi is seriously a force to be reckoned with in the cosmetics world. She's the co-creator of the cult-favorite makeup brand, Milk Makeup, one of the main judges of Glam Masters, and the senior fashion editor of Marie Claire. She's the epitome of #GirlBoss, so of course we had to ask her for some beauty guidance. "It's such a no-brainer, but I don't think people blend their foundation enough," Rassi said. "It's such an obvious thing, and I'm probably guilty of it too at times, but literally so many people forget to blend their chins and their necks. And finding the right color for you will make or break a look, more than anything else."

Gigi Gorgeous: Gloss Over Matte

Everyone's favorite influencer at any moment is undoubtedly Gigi Gorgeous. She's adorable, bubbly, and her looks are absolutely killer, and we're ready to jump on whatever beauty trend she's into to create our next makeup style. Gigi's waving bye bye to mattes and turning to glosses, and she thinks you should, too. "Let's bring the gloss back a little bit," she said. "I'm so obsessed with gloss right now. I still love mattes, but I just feel like it's so overdone, and so dry. Mattes look great, but I feel like it's become too much. Bring back the moisture!"

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He Flawless: Primer, Primer, Primer

Kenneth Senegal, AKA @HeFlawless, is one of the biggest up-and-coming beauty vloggers to keep your eye one. His extroverted flare is contagious, and he has the whole beauty world hooked on his style. So how does he keep his look on point? With one major beauty essential that way too many people overlook: primer, primer, primer! And his nifty priming tip is definitely one for the books: "Always prime, set your primer with setting powder, and then set your whole look once you're done."

Charlotte Cho: Hydrate

When it comes to beauty extraordinaire and creator of the fan-favorite K-Beauty skincare outlet, Soko Glam, Cho is all about keeping your skin healthy and hydrated for a naturally glowing look. "It's all about hydration. Even if you have acne, your skin needs to be happy, hydrated and clean in order for you to have less acne. A lot of people think, 'Oh, I'm oily and shiny, I don't need hydration,' but your skin actually needs hydration to protect the barrier and prevent any bacteria from coming in. Hydration is everything, you'll be surprised with how much you can accomplish by hydrating your skin and keeping it healthy. It'll actually help control acne and oil, and it will help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Kandee Johnson: Be Patient

If you follow beauty at all, then you must know about the beauty vlogging queen, Kandee Johnson. She's one of the biggest online beauty veterans for always delivering on fun and flirty looks. And her key tip is to always take time and be patient with foundation and concealer application. "Always spend time on applying foundation and concealer," she said. "You can do the best smoky eye in the world, but if your foundation and concealer aren't right, it's just not going to look good."

Time to get those brushes out and get beating.

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