Disney Thinks You Want to Look Like Baby Yoda

Disney Thinks You Want to Look Like Baby Yoda

Have we finally hit the peak of celebrity beauty lines? Before you answer, let it be known that the beloved Star Wars character and the internet's favorite meme star, Baby Yoda, could be the latest to launch a series of beauty products.

According to Disney's Inside the Magic blog, both Disney and Lucasfilm have filed a trademark application for Baby Yoda-themed merchandise. And the list of products is... wide.

Included under the trademark: teapots, clocks, bakeware, dinnerware, jewelry, textiles, sleeping bags, fragrances, perfumes, non-medicated cosmetics, non-medicated toiletry preparations; "all of the foregoing relating to a character in an entertainment franchise."

The application doesn't go into any other details besides unveiling the products will be sold in stores and online.

Although the company hasn't made an official announcement yet, the blog speculates the line to be available sometime around fall 2020, with the season two of The Mandaliorian coming to Disney+

Photo via YouTube