This Baby Has Better Hair Than You

This Baby Has Better Hair Than You

You might have not yet lusted after the locks of a newborn baby, but prepare to change your tune. Baby Chanco, a seven-month-old Japanese baby, has already amassed more than 100,000 followers on Instagram due to her viral mane of hair to thank. According to Allure, Baby Chanco was born with an extraordinary amount of hair due to hormones, and it seems to just keep growing.

While often, babies born with a full head of hair will lose it after several months, Baby Chanco is a year in and still has the thick, voluminous, glossy strands one could only dream of. She seems to get regular haircuts, which aim to keep her locks in its halo-esque shape, with light bangs to give her some extra texture.

Does Pantene have an age minimum for models? We hope not. Check out some of Baby Chanco's best content, below.

Photo via Instagram