Here's What Audrey Mika's Up to in Quarantine

Here's What Audrey Mika's Up to in Quarantine

Introduction by Riley Runnells

Much like everyone else in quarantine, 19-year-old Audrey Mika is stuck inside, lounging in her sweats, streaming Netflix and watching as the days run together. As a singer/songwriter, Mika has also been able to use this time to focus on her music.

If you don't know the rising musician, you can follow her through YouTube, where she started in her room with a toy microphone making cover songs. She rapidly rose to popularity (with now 1.5 million subscribers) through her Billie Eilish covers and her simplistic, sometimes comedic videos to accompany them.

Now, she's ditched the toy microphone for the real deal, going on tour earlier this year with her 2020 5 A.M. EP. In early May, Mika also released her newest single, "Just Friends," and a week later premiered the track's music video.

PAPER checked in with Mika to see how she spends her days in isolation. From dressing for absolutely nobody to hanging out with plants, Mika's photo diary is extremely relatable.

Here is me picking out what hoodie to wear that no one will see.

Stream Audrey Mika's 5 A.M. EP, below.

Photos courtesy of Audrey Mika