'Arthur' Is All Grown Up

'Arthur' Is All Grown Up

After just a little over a quarter of a century, the beloved kid's show that some of us fondly remember growing up with, Arthur, finally came to a close.

One of the longest running children's television programs, Arthur has aired in 80 countries around the world, and PBS brought the show full circle with itsseries finale. Aptly titled “All Grown Up," the final episode gave us a glimpse into the future of the lovable anthropomorphic aardvark and all of his friends in Elwood City. Looking ahead 20 years, the episode reveals that Buster grow up to be teacher, Francine goes on to work for a sneaker company, Muffy makes a run for mayor, George owns the Sugar Bowl, Binky lands a gig as a weatherman and for some reason they made D.W. a traffic cop.

In a meta twist, Arthur is revealed to be the author of the entire series having grown up to write a graphic novel about his life beginning with the story of how he got his first pair of glasses (a nod to the show's very first episode Arthur's Eyes which aired back in 1996). As an added easter egg, the show brought back Arthur's original voice actor, Michael Yarmush, to play his adult self as well as Arthur creator Marc Brown who voices the librarian that lends the young aardvark the how-to-draw guide that ultimately sends him down his career path.

"It's amazing that what began as a simple bedtime story for my son eventually evolved into over a hundred books and a collaboration with GBH and PBS Kids that would last 25 years," Brown says of the series finale. "Now more than ever the last line of my first book Arthur's Nose rings true — 'There is a lot more to Arthur than his nose.'"

Naturally, the end of Arthur had a lot of people that grew up with the show in their feels and taking a fond trip down memory lane. Check out some their reactions below.

Photo via PBS Kids/ YouTube

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