A Model's Chest Hair Morphed Into Body Art at Fashion Week

A Model's Chest Hair Morphed Into Body Art at Fashion Week

Why wear a brand's logo on your shirt when you can spell it out with your body hair? At least that's what one creative fashion label proposed today down the runway at London Fashion Week Men's.

In the middle of their Fall 2020 show, which explored queer sensuality, a shirtless model emerged with the words "Art School" arranged neatly from the slicked hairs of its chest. This is no random student art school project, however: Art School is the name of British designers Tom Barratt and Eden Loweth's non-binary indie fashion label, which has slowly become one of the fastest-growing queer luxury brands in the world.

Since its launch in 2016, Art School's experimental and inclusive designs (many of which are made for trans bodies) have become a hit with nonbinary customers of all ages, as well as one very famous Kardashian. (Kim reportedly bought half of the duo's first collection in cash.) Rita Ora and Rihanna are fans, too, the latter of whom posted an image of herself in an "Art School Dropout" T-shirt that sold out instantly.

If you'll recall, the brand's last fashion show for Spring 2020 went viral after a model walked out in a deranged, frenetic pace that spawned countless drunken memes.

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