Ariana Grande Is the Most Chill Ex-Girlfriend Ever

Ariana Grande Is the Most Chill Ex-Girlfriend Ever

Ariana Grande is better than you and I. She has the four-octave voice of an angel, a long shiny ponytail as high as her position on the charts, millions of dollars, and a tongue-in-cheek Instagram presence. She is also the most chill ex-girlfriend ever — even when it comes to Pete Davidson, the SNL comic who was once her whirlwind summer fiancé.

Proof: an encounter between Grande and TMZin Los Angeles late Wednesday night. Reporters asked her about the Grammys — she recently dropped out of a prime performance slot at the ceremony over production issues — and received no real answer, but the pop star was happy to comment on the recently reported romance between Davidson and actress Kate Beckinsale. (They met at the Golden Globes, and have been photographed holding hands since).

Just as Grande disappears into a radio station recording studio, one camera guy decides to try it. "What do you think of Pete and Kate?" he asks. "So cute!" she audibly replies. Damn. A very cool response, given she and Davidson recently endured one of the decade's most publicized break ups.

TMZ waited around for Grande, and caught her again on the way out. What else does a chill pop star do when the paparazzi refuse to leave her alone late at night, after a long day of song promotion? She asks where's good to eat. Sadly, her friends at TMZ had no real answer to give. Do better next time!

"I don't know, I don't know," you can hear one reporter saying. "For late night spots in Culver City I think you've got to go to Barry's or something."

"You seem like a very nice guy," she replies, proceeding to deftly avoid further Grammys-related lines of questioning.

You can watch the whole video here.

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