Ariana Grande Explained Why Her Christmas Tree Is Upside Down

Ariana Grande Explained Why Her Christmas Tree Is Upside Down

Ariana Grande, pop innovator, is also breaking new ground in holiday decor. She posted a captionless sepia-toned picture of her chic, minimalist Chelsea apartment interior on Instagram yesterday, presumably to show off her Christmas tree. Which was… the wrong way up? Looked cute though.

We have paparazzi for a reason. Photographers who trailed Grande yesterday asked for an explanation, and Grande gave one: "Sometimes," she told TMZ. "life just be upside-down." So true.

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When TMZ tracked her down, Grande was on her way to record an episode of Fallon at 30 Rock, where her SNL cast member ex-fiance Pete Davidson also happens to work. She'd already been there once this week, to check on him, after the comedian made a troubling Instagram post about his mental health. (He reportedly refused to see her.) Life is weird for all of us, but Grande's is especially bizarre. Somehow I don't think the assistant tasked with putting up the tree was surprised by her request to do something a little different with it.

Anyway. Upside-down Christmas decorations look kind of good? BRB going home to glue my tree to the ceiling.

Photo via Instagram