Ariana and the Rose's 'Every Body' Is 'Dance Music Catharsis'

Ariana and the Rose's 'Every Body' Is 'Dance Music Catharsis'

Nightlife is finally beginning to shine again — especially in New York City where the industry is life blood — and Ariana and the Rose wants to spotlight all the colorful personalities that are bringing everything back, post-lockdown.

The synth-pop artist's new single, "Every Body," is an electric invitation to the dance floor, recruiting a host of iconic faces for its official music video, premiering today on PAPER: Amanda Lepore, Kandy Muse, Cakes Da Killa, CT Hedden, Ryan Burke, Merlot, Rify Royalty and way more. Because "this dance floor is for every body," as she sings, almost like a call to action. "Feel your body on my body."

"I wanted to highlight the incredible people and the spirit of the NYC nightlife and LGBTQ+ communities," Ariana says. "Clubs and nightlife have been a home for people who otherwise felt displaced for decades. It is about a chosen family and a sense of community rather than an individual. These are the places that have been a home for me, personally and professionally."

In early spring 2020, Ariana had an entire album with tracks she'd planned to release throughout the summer, but COVID forced her to start from scratch and create a body of work that felt more reflective of that bizarre moment in time. The artist then wrote music she dreamt of hearing once the world eventually reopened, capturing "the bigger picture of what the collective feeling was," she says.

"Every Body" is the first official taste of that period, with a relentless hook and powerhouse production that sounds like it could've been conceived while On Top! at The Standard, Meatpacking. Euphoric and aggressive, her single embodies the energy of a year spent bottled up inside, fantasizing about sweating next to strangers and freeing your mind until sunrise.

"I want to be the kind of artist who creates space for other people," Ariana says. "Space to connect, either with other people or with themselves, space to feel seen, space to feel uninhibited and to feel safe to do all of those things. 'Every Body' is a mission statement for my project and for the audience to get lost in. No matter who you are, how you identify or where you're from, my musical world and my shows are for everyone to lose or find themselves in."

Watch the "Every Body" music video for some serious "dance music catharsis," filmed at Brooklyn's House of Yes and directed by the Emmy-winning Jason Sherwood, above, and stream the Andy Highmore-produced single, below. Ariana and the Rose will be touring with Torres this fall — tickets for those shows are now available online.

Photos courtesy of Chaine Leyendecker