Aquaria Designs NYX's New Shadow Palette

Aquaria Designs NYX's New Shadow Palette

When superstar and winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Aquaria took the Met Gala red carpet this year, her outfit was integral to her glam interpretation of Camp, but so was her ultra stunning eyeshadow. Well, turns out the then "secret" product is part of a brand new collaboration between the drag queen and NYX Professional makeup.

In the brand's first ever "drag collab," the celebrated performer has designed a 10-shade "punk noir" palette inspired by "city, nightlife and the future."

"My palette has 10 shades based around elements of nightlife and the future," she told Allure. "I'm very inspired by the dark colors I see at night and all the bright personalities I get to see at the clubs. We just wanted it to be kind of slimy, oily, and dark, but also fun and bright. The colors totally represent that."

The palette includes a mix of neutrals and pop-y shades of orange, mint, and a vibrant yellow. "As a performer and a frequent makeup wearer, I always need a palette to have a matte white and a matte black, so we have that here obviously," she explained. "When I do a more androgynous boy look, I love using other shimmery colors, like a navy blue or gunmetal. I also love incorporating semi-untraditional colors into my regular makeup, like yellow."

The inspiration behind the versatile product was also rooted in travel and it's why she chose to make it portable. This also marks Aquaria's first ever eyedshadow palette, and she explained to the outlet why she chose NYX for the partnership.

"It's always been a brand that's been a staple in my makeup collection," she said."It's always been something that's accessible and affordable for me. From growing up to being a college student to being an up-and-coming drag queen in New York City and having to spend my last dime on not only my art but my rent, my utilities — NYX was always there to make me look fabulous for my shows and not completely murdering my bank account, which I'm very grateful for."

The Aquaria X NYX Cosmetics eyeshadow palette drops May 30. The product is priced at $25 and will be available to purchase on

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