Anna Wang Is Not Looking Back

Anna Wang Is Not Looking Back

The synthpop musician premieres "Hindsight."

Anna Wang is a Madison, Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter and producer, who makes synthesized pop that reveals the inner workings of a complex mind. Her topics of choice are often matters of the heart, and layered vocoder effects and buzzy synth lines color Wang's songs in pastel shades of romance.

New single "Hindsight" veers into darker terrain, its lyrics exploring the heartbroken psychology of a jilted lover, an unrequited liaison, or both. As a singer, Wang's voice is right up front in the mix, as pads and hard-hitting percussive effects create an atmosphere of drama around her, particularly when the chorus crescendos around the third time it's repeated. Either way, Wang is ready to cut ties with the source of her heartbreak.

"People, myself included, seem to stay in unhealthy relationships for much longer than we should; we hope the person will change, we're scared to be alone, and it's never easy to cut ties with someone you love," Wang tells PAPER. "'Hindsight' is about that moment when you finally understand that you deserve better and are ready to let go of a toxic situation. It's a heartbreaking and incredibly cathartic moment."

Check out the PAPER premiere of "Hindsight," below, and pre-save the song ahead of its official release tomorrow, here.

Keep up with Anna on Instagram @annawang2.

Photography: Elizabeth Wadium