Secret Service Got Involved in Amy Schumer Death Threats

Secret Service Got Involved in Amy Schumer Death Threats

Comedian Amy Schumer got a lot of death threats following her co-hosting gig at the 2022 Oscars. This was after she made a joke about Kirsten Dunst. The violent backlash from the short bit was so bad that even the Secret Service and LAPD got involved.

The Life & Beth start stopped by The Howard Stern Show earlier this week and spoke about the joke that sparked an unbelievable amount of hate towards her. During the awards show, she jokingly called Dunst a "seat filler." People were furious because they thought she disrespected Dunst who has received numerous accolades throughout her career in Hollywood.

But, as Schumer explained, this was something that she had planned and spoken about with the actress and her husband actor Jesse Plemons. “I did a bit with Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons. That was completely orchestrated. We talked beforehand,” she told Stern. "The joke was that I was pretending I thought she was a seat filler. And we all worked that out together. I got death threats.”

During the interview with Stern, she still managed to crack a Will Smith Oscars slap joke. "The Secret Service reached out to me. They were so bad that the Secret Service reached out to me. I was like, 'Oh, I think you have the wrong number. This is Amy, not Will,'" she continued. "Not that I want Will to get death threats, but the misogyny is unbelievable."

Aside from the Secret Service, the LAPD also got involved because Schumer said that the death threats were "that serious and that many."

But none of this drama has affected the comedian's relationship with Dunst and Plemons. She added, "Her and Jesse are the coolest. She even posted, like, 'Hey, I knew about that bit!' because she knew I was getting death threats."

Watch the full interview on The Howard Stern Show below.

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