AMÉMÉ Reminds You to 'Never Forget' Where You Came From

AMÉMÉ Reminds You to 'Never Forget' Where You Came From

If AMÉMÉ isn't already on your radar, you're doing something wrong.

The Brooklyn by way of Benin producer and DJ has been making waves in the world of Afro-House, garnering the support of Black Coffee and making it all the way to the Coachella stage last year. Drawing on his own heritage to inform his drum-heavy sound, AMÉMÉ's fusion of house, African rhythms and richly textured synths has quickly made him a standout on the dance floor and steadily amassed a growing fanbase along the way. Uniting his vision under the banner of his label and creative collective One Tribe, AMÉMÉ has been rapidly rising through the industry ranks and seems poised to make even bigger moves.

Adding yet another major milestone for the burgeoning talent, "Never Forget" marks the artist's music video debut. Directed by Severn Wirth and shot in Zurich, Switzerland, the visual is a dizzying mix of flashing neon lights and sharp cuts matching the track's swift upbeat energy and ripping synths cutting through its infectious groove. It's minimal, but impactful.

A standout track from last year's Power EP, AMÉMÉ decided to revisit the single because of its positive and empowering message. Having originally moved to New York City with the goal of becoming a doctor, the track's lyrics have poetic parallels to AMÉMÉ's own ambitions and self-made music career, inspiring listeners to keep hustling to achieve their dreams while still staying humble and in touch with their roots.

"It’s a reminder to never forget who you are and what you’re made of," AMÉMÉ says of the track. "We all have what it takes inside of us, and I wanted to use my platform to share this message in hopes that I can inspire others to achieve their dreams, or get past whatever is holding them back.”

Check out the PAPER premiere of AMÉMÉ's new music video for "Never Forget" below.

Photo courtesy of AMÉMÉ