Amber Rose Dramatically Switched Up Her Hair

Amber Rose Dramatically Switched Up Her Hair

By Avery Matera

Amber Rose is getting in on the colorful hair action, debuting a brand new purple bob for the final month of summer. While most seasons have brought with it various hair trends that run the gamut, it's been a long time since rainbow hair colors were quite as popular as they have been as of late. Rose occasionally rocks longer bleached locks, but she typically sticks to her famous close fade.

In sharing the look on Instagram, she wrote, "Super Villain Captain Save-A-Hoe, aka Leader of the Hoe World, Was Out For TOTAL WORLD DOMINCATION last night," adding, "She turned in her usual light bulb look, for Electric Lavender Locks." She then posted another short video clip, playing with the hair, captioning it, "When you finally get some hair and don't know how to act."

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Her hair was styled by Sadiddy, celebrity hair artist, whose Instagram reads like a pastel rainbow on not only her clients, but also herself.

The star was seen in West Hollwood on Monday night, wearing a skin-tight little black dress that allowed her colorful 'do to truly shine. With a slightly wet-looking beach wave, her dye job looked slightly ombré in tone as it cascaded down her back. It was, most likely, a wig, as Rose's hair just days ago was closer to a buzz cut than anything else, but here's hoping she keeps the bright tone around for a little while.

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