Amanda Bynes Debuts New Look on Her Instagram

Amanda Bynes Debuts New Look on Her Instagram

After a lot of time spent off social media, Amanda Bynes is back on Instagram, and her first post features the actress sporting hot pink hair-having and a septum ring. One word: stunning.

Bynes sounded the alarm from her verified Twitter account about the new IG venture, writing "Hey guys! I'm on instagram now ! Check me out," and linking to her account, @amandabynesreal.

For the premiere post, Bynes opted for an understated caption, putting a kissy-face emoji under the photo of her new hair. It's an appropriate quip for the casual and sweet mirror selfie.

The selfie showcases a brand new look, very different from her previous picture that she posted to Twitter in June to celebrate her graduation from FIDM, where she sported blonde hair with remnants of purple-pink layers. The photo shows off Bynes' new bangs, a sparkly septum piercing, and a rosary.

Users are excited to see the star back on social media and looking happy after a years-long struggle in the public eye.

Photography: Danielle Levitt for PAPER