It's Not So Bad In Allie X's LA

It's Not So Bad In Allie X's LA

Her new music video is a dark, character-driven fantasy.

While outlining the creative direction of her upcoming Super Sunset project, indie-pop songstress Allie X created a number of characters embodying an exaggerated version of her time in Los Angeles over the past five years.

For better or worse, LA has become the place she calls home — a sprawling, endless, glimmering void of ambition and beauty. Over a darkly-tinged trap-pop affair, her new single uses the vivid imagery of youth-obsessed actors, valet parking, lemon trees and dispensaries, as a framework for a breathless sentiment that she casts off into the sunset almost as quickly as it arrives: "It's not so bad in LA."

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As we've come to expect from Allie, the accompanying visual treatment for "Not So Bad In LA" is noirish and subversive, full of her characters, ranging from a deluded cult leader to a self-obsessed glamour queen. Watch it all go down in a deserted trailer park, below.

Photography: Nikko LaMere for PAPER