Alex Porat Imagines Love 'in Another Dimension'

Alex Porat Imagines Love 'in Another Dimension'

Alex Porat describes her new single as an "acceptance speech" that recognizes how "some relationships aren't meant to be." In "dimension" though, the Chinese-Canadian musician imagines "a world where it could work out." She questions "if we're in love in another dimension?" and wraps the dream in a flawless, four-on-the-floor disco-pop groove.

This is Porat's second release of 2021, following February's "girlfriend" and last year's bad at breakups EP. Where the Toronto singer's focus has previously been on building strong concepts, she's now leaning into more a pop-oriented sound as a result of isolation forcing her to be "introspective," she says. "I'm glad it did because it turned out to be very freeing."

Porat adds that she's always been a bit "scared of the pop world because it's so competitive." But the more she thought about diving in, she was like, "'Damn, being Asian and in pop music might be worth the struggle if it can help set a precedent for the future.'"

The "dimension" video, directed by longtime collaborator Iris Kim, puts a sexy spin on Porat's lyrics with red lighting and choreography. "I spent my whole childhood singing and dancing, and today I finally get to live little Alex's dream," she says. "It was such a surreal moment when I realized, 'Wait, I'm dancing to my own song.'"

Watch the PAPER premiere of Alex Porat's "dimension," above," which she says is ultimately "about being tormented by the idea of wanting someone you can't have. No matter how hard you try to get this person out of your head you just can't seem to get rid of them."

Photo courtesy of Alim Sabir