Alanna Arrington's Fashion Month Beauty Routine

Alanna Arrington's Fashion Month Beauty Routine

Alanna Arrington hasn't clocked a long time in fashion, but the 19-year-old Iowa native has already walked some of the biggest runways across the world including Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, Etro, Celine, and Diane von Furstenberg.

In 2016, she made her debut as a Victoria's Secret model and has since appeared on the covers of top magazines, from Elle U.K. to Maxim and Vogue Arabia.

This season, the model kicked off fashion month with shows like LaQuan Smith and Cushnie as she continues to make appearances for other major brands across Milan and Paris.

Naturally, she keeps a busy schedule, which can easily take a toll on her skin. So how does she keep it together? PAPER sat down with Arrington to talk skincare and beauty routines, her favorite products, and any last minute tricks to prevent breakouts during fashion month.

What's your skincare routine like during fashion week?

My skincare routine during fashion week is minimal but very attentive. It doesn't differ much from my routine outside of fashion week. I wake up every morning, cleanse my skin, tone my skin, apply moisturizer, SPF, and eye cream. At night I cleanse, use a moisturizer, and then a retinol cream.

Do you have a quick fix for your skin in-between shows?

I'm very particular about keeping my skin as clean as possible in between shows. After a show, I always take my makeup off and apply moisturizer. And I always carry some sort of rose water or refreshing facial spray to keep my skin cool.

What are your favorite skincare products and brands?

My favorite skincare brand would probably be FRESH. I use the rose facial toner every morning, followed by the vitamin nectar moisture glow face cream. The Umbrian clay mask is my favorite deep cleansing mask, and the lotus youth preserve rescue is my favorite hydration mask.

How do you deal with a last minute break out?

For a last minute breakout I swear by any products with salicylic acid or retinol. I have products from my dermatologist with high concentrations of either product that I use for spot treatment when i break out. To bring back some life and glow to dull skin, I use the lotus youth preserve rescue mask or the SK-II radiance sheet mask.

Lastly, what are some of your favorite makeup products and brands?

I have pretty sensitive skin so for makeup products I typically try to stick to one or two brands so I'm not putting a bunch of different chemicals and fragrances on my face. I've been really into NARS products recently because they're light weight on the skin, but have beautiful coverage and sun protection! The tinted moisturizer or sheer glow foundation are my go-to for everyday wear.

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