Alan Crocetti Explores Sin and Censorship

Alan Crocetti Explores Sin and Censorship

Back in September, a diamond-encrusted chastity cage made headlines when it debuted during Paris Fashion Week. The BDSM-inspired accessory is the brainchild of London-based jeweler Alan Crocetti, who's known for his gender-blurring jewel designs and rose motifs in silver and gold.

This week, the designer unveiled a series of images for his Spring 2020 collection, dubbed "Flowers From Exile." The models sport a variety of Corcetti's latest designs, including the aforementioned chastity cage, which is styled as a charm attached to the belt loop.

This season, Corcetti was contemplating the idea of sin from conception and the shame and guilt associated with human flesh and bodily sensations. "As I represented on the chastity necklace, morality reduces human desire to the dichotomy of SEX as CORRUPTION," the collection notes read. "As a designer, I personally felt push back for expressing my take on sex and sensuality. Despite relying on romance, art, and poetry, my work has been constantly censored by social media platforms as if my photos could corrupt and desensitize individuals away from preconceived ideas of sacred intimacy."

These biblical concepts took form in an updated version of the brand's signature ear cuffs, a pair of "Gem in Heat" earrings and necklaces representing fire and "carnal sin," and a group of "Nachcash" pieces inspired by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, a paradox of sex and corruption.

Photos courtesy of Alan Corcetti