ACE Aerosuits Make a Case for Whale Tails

ACE Aerosuits Make a Case for Whale Tails

To Ace Aroff, the Los Angeles designer known for championing “Malibu Sleaze,” his eponymous brand’s bodysuit is a “universal” staple — although he does offer up a few specific demographics: “The basic bitch, the hot slut, the goth chick,” he says, and in PAPER’s world, the “JerZ Queen” of TikTok herself, Roz. “I just want it worn to make someone feel sexy.”

Now available through ACE’s online store in three colorways — seamoss, bruised and bluestar — the “Aerosuit II” was designed to form a “second skin and feel almost naked, but secure and safe,” Aroff details. He highlights its straps on the back that naturally accentuate curves and gushes about the thong detail, specifically. “A little whale tail never hurt anybody. I love a good whale tail, I think we all do.”

Indeed, a fundamental component of the “Malibu Sleaze” aesthetic is sex positivity. “I always say, ‘Sex Sells,’” Aroff continues, underscoring brand initiatives like photoshoots on sex dolls or dressing porn star-turned-Euphoria star Chloe Cherry. “It’s the oldest trick in the book. We all understand the beauty of the body, skin and, most importantly, confidence.”

This launch signals a return to ACE’s roots, after a brief period when the designer “lost some inspiration” and found himself “overwhelmed with goals, aspirations and creative ideas.” Now, he’s going back to what initially helped put his brand on the map, focusing on wardrobe staples like hoodies and tees. (The “Malibu Sleaze” trucker has already become a cult classic, worn frequently by iconic party photographer The Cobrasnake.)

“I’m a Malibu Sleaze-y type of guy,” Aroff says, whose personal style reflects his larger brand approach. “Sloppy style yet showing I care. UGGs with jeans ripped from right below the crotch to above ankle; boxers showing from waistband and through the rip; a ribbed tank and trucker hat.”

Now, with the rerelease of ACE’s bodysuit, which he says “has been in demand after my first launch,” Aroff is setting the stage to capture his California style through a more “leveled up, sexy” lens. “This bodysuit gives me fuel to make things bigger and generally create more. I want easy to wear, easy to buy. Just throw it on, just wear it.”

Photography: Ben Prince
Models: Reid Rohling and Oceana