50 Cent Weighs in on Kanye West's Pointy Elf Shoes

50 Cent Weighs in on Kanye West's Pointy Elf Shoes

Kanye West — rapper, producer, designer, spiritual leader — was photographed wearing a pair of sleek, lace-free sneakers yesterday. How to describe them? They're the kind of shoes a minimalist elf would wear to goth Christmas. They look to be made out of wetsuit material. They are presumably a Yeezy prototype, about which we'll learn more in due course. In the meantime, fashion critic 50 Cent has weighed in.

"What in the 'spare some change' type shit is this," 50 wrote on Instagram, posting a paparazzi photo of West and his elf shoes exiting a vehicle. (Concerningly, he doesn't appear to know how to screenshot.) "Welp now I know I'm not a style icon, I'm definitely not wearing that shit. LOL GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE MAN." Elf steez isn't for everybody.

This isn't the first time West has been photographed wearing provocative footwear. He has notably worn both oversized and undersized shoes in public before, both of his own design. Hopefully 50 Cent never becomes aware of those teeny tiny wedding flip flops.

50 and Kanye are not known to be friends, although their last major beef occurred way back in 2007, when Curtis and Graduation were pitted against each other on the charts. Hopefully said feud isn't about to get reignited. It's 2019! Can we get a Yeezy x G-Unit collab instead?

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