One Direction Fans Confused By 'Reason Being' Reunion Theory

One Direction Fans Confused By 'Reason Being' Reunion Theory

In honor of their tenth anniversary, One Direction launched the 10 Years of 1D website yesterday — complete with artwork, personalized mixtapes, and behind-the-scenes clips as a commemorative "timeline" of sorts.

As you may have seen on Twitter though, the website ended up crashing due to sheer demand after it launched. However, in the wake of the glitch, a message on the failed loading page has since sparked its very own fan theory.

For context, the crash ended up displaying the words "10 Years of Reason Being: Celebrate 10 years of Reason Being by looking back through their journey – right from the very beginning." But combined with the "Reason Being" name also being attached to brand new 4K music videos uploads on Apple Music, it didn't take long for people to begin buzzing about the possibility of everything from a new song to a full-blown reunion.

To add the buzz, a Twitter account dubbed @ReasonBeingUK appeared shortly after the crash and shared an image of an envelope with the text "ARCHIVED. Special issue. Closed until 2020." Not only that, but screenshots of Genius pages supposedly containing lyrics from "new" songs also ended up surfacing — including one called "Reason Being," which was allegedly set to debut on July 28.

However, as PopBuzz pointed out, Genius is a crowdsourced site and has since removed all of these pages. They also noted that the "Reason Being" name could very possibly be a code name used by developers to keep the highly anticipated project under wraps.

Additionally, after continued fan speculation that the @ReasonBeingUK Twitter was run by BTS fans "to distract" them and the realization that their "website" led to a Rickroll page, the account itself apologized "for any confusion we may be inflicting."

"We are not @ashemusic nor 'BTS fandom' but we are closer than you may imagine," the account continued. "Remember to question everything - it might be right under your nose."

One Direction has yet to respond.

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