Why Pat McGrath (and Everyone Else) Is Obsessed With Freckles This Spring

Flaunt 'em if you got 'em.

The latest cool look in beauty is something adolescents have been teased about for years: freckles. London designer Bobby Abley sent a squad of freckled boys like Barak Shamir and Ashton Gohil down the runway at his Fall/Winter 2017 show, and one of the coolest models-slash-artists on the scene is the freckle-faced redhead India Menuez. Now maquillage legend Pat McGrath has sealed the deal, filling her Instagram with freckled faces belonging to models she made up at Maison Margiela's John Galliano-designed spring couture show, along with other luminous women she's inspired by. “Freckles give the face character and a feeling of youth and innocence," McGrath says of her love for those features. “The random patterns, the different size and colored specks form somewhat of a constellation on the skin. I always make it a point to not cover them!" After selling out its first run, the makeup guru re-launched her wildly popular Skin Fetish 003 ($72 at, which helps create a glowing-skin look that showcases freckles. So, in other words, it's time to flaunt 'em if you got 'em.

Image courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

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