Victoria's Secret Is Facing Internet Backlash For Their Overwhelmingly Young, Thin And White Definition Of Sexy

Victoria's Secret, purveyor of aggressive scents and flimsy genital coverings sewn by prisoners, has come under fire for the contents of their annual #WhatIsSexy list. Victoria's Secret has experienced backlash in the past for their lack of inclusivity in terms of body types, race and age, and their 2017 list just represents more of the same. Namely, their list of "what sexy means to us" is a mighty sorority of young, thin white women plus Priyanka Chopra, Jamie Chung, Chrissy Teigen and Olivia Munn. Twitter was unamused to say the least.

Of course Victoria's Secret awarding Vanessa Hudgens the honorable title of 'Sexiest Style Risk Taker' or seems completely inconsequential at first glance – it's not a Pulitzer or anything – but it really IS important. Representation is ALWAYS important, but because Victoria's Secret is the only company in every single American mall speaking directly to women about their sexuality, their choices about who to include and exclude from that conversation has a major impact. I mean, how the hell are you gonna shout out James Corden and the City of Palm Springs, but not a single black woman? Do better, Victoria's Secret!

Splash image via BFA

[h/t Teen Vogue]

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