Nobody Compares to Yergurl

Nobody Compares to Yergurl

Lately, it seems Australia has been turning out nothing but young, promising women in music. Alongside Future Classic label mates G Flip and Wafia, Bendigo, Victoria singer yergurl is on the rise with a brand of charming bedroom pop that will make you feel like a rebellious teen again.

Co-produced by Simon Lam of synth-pop duo Kllo, yergurl's new single "Girls Like Me" takes inspiration from the '80s and pop sensibilities of artists like Charli XCX and Lana Del Rey. The track combines glitter-covered synths with lo-fi drum beats to create a dreamy retrowave atmosphere. Coupled with some Polly Pocket-esque cover art and a visual featuring yergurl hanging out in a playground, the track brims with youthful exuberance.

At its core, "Girls Like Me" is a song about getting your heart broken but knowing that in the end it was you who was the catch. "This track is basically about an ex that dates the same kind of girl, blonde and slim, over and over again," yergurl says. "Constantly trying to recreate the same type of relationship but knowing he will never find someone comparable to me."

Whereas other songs might wallow in self-pity and feelings of inferiority, "Girls Like Me" is refreshing in its unabashed refusal to let someone else define your worth.

Listen to the PAPER premiere of "Girls Like Me", below, off yergurl's forthcoming debut EP, Love Bite, out September 13 on Future Classic.

Photo courtesy of yergurl