'Jane Doe 1' From Weinstein Trial Reveals Her Identity

'Jane Doe 1' From Weinstein Trial Reveals Her Identity

The survivor, known as "Jane Doe 1" in an L.A. rape case against Harvey Weinstein, came forward following his sentencing. Former model and actress Evgeniya Chernyshova revealed her identity in an exclusive with The Hollywood Reporter.

After receiving word of the jury’s ruling of Weinstein as guilty, Chernyshova decided it was time to share her story. Of the four women Weinstein was charged with raping and assaulting in L.A., Chernyshova's case was the only to result in a conviction. She was also the first of 44 witnesses called to testify in the trial and the only person the court allowed to deliver a statement at Weinstein’s February 23 sentencing.

Weinstein was sentenced to 16 years in prison by a jury in the L.A. trial which found Weinstein guilty on one count of rape, one count of forced oral copulation and one count of sexual misconduct involving Chernyshova.

A pivotal force in the downfall of the media mogul, Chernyshova was “tired of hiding.” “I want my life back,” she said. “I’m Evgeniya, I’ve been raped. This is my story.”

It was at the encouragement of her daughter that Chernyshova came to reclaim her story and her name. “I did it because I was ashamed and humiliated,” Chernyshova told The Hollywood Reporter of staying anonymous. “I thought it was a good decision to protect my kids. But it was a horrible decision for myself because I’ve been cut off from everyone. It isn’t right to go through this hell alone.”

Chernyshova first spoke to media anonymously in October 2017 after reporting the rape that took place in 2013 at an Italian film festival at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Staying anonymous to shelter her emotional state, and for fear of embarrassment of the public scrutiny of her personal story, Chernyshova stayed anonymous throughout the #MeToo movement and the media circus surrounding the trial, describing her testimony in Weinstein’s trial as “the worst experience of my life.” She couldn’t sleep during that period, and was regularly vomiting from the stress. “The defense lawyers’ techniques, how they harass and humiliate you, it is brutal,” she says.

According to The Associated Press, Chernyshova’s composure on the stand was key to his conviction on her case. “I believe all of the victims who testified,” Chernyshova said . “All of them. And I want to say this — this is not only my victory, this is our victory.”

Now that her story has come to light, Chernyshova does not know what’s next, but is glad to finally have a community and is considering starting a foundation to help other Jane Does. “I finally have a voice and I can speak,” she says. “As much I was trying to destroy myself, to punish myself, I will do as much to rebuild myself. And to help other people.”

Photo courtesy of Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic