Watch Putin Play The Piano, Troll The World

Watch Putin Play The Piano, Troll The World

Hey, what's up, happy Monday. In case you're still in weekend mode, checking Instagram and daydreaming about the past few days of rest and relaxation, here's a lil video to scare you straight back to work.

Russian President and living 4chan thread Vladimir Putin sat down to the play two Russian songs from the 1950s on the piano while waiting for a meeting with Xi Jinping at the Chinese president's residence. Naturally, Russian state news agency Sputnik was on hand to film the impromptu performance, which they later shared as a cry for help way to show love for their fearless leader.

Surely, this is what you hear before you die. Putin tapping out his childhood songs on an out-of-tune Chinese government piano. You're welcome.

[h/t NYT]