There's Now a Washing Machine for Your Beauty Blender

There's Now a Washing Machine for Your Beauty Blender

Any makeup buff knows one of the hardest things to clean is a beauty blender. So in today's edition of products and devices you didn't know you needed, we have a mini washing machine for your blender.

The toy device first went viral when blogger Tiffany Lynette Davis posted a short video demonstrating that the machine, which she originally purchased for her doll house, could double as a beauty blender cleanser. After a number of inquisitive inquiries from followers, the influencer then made a full YouTube tutorial on how to use it.

The gadget is powered by batteries and much like a typical washer, can be filled with water and soap. It comes with a tiny spinner inside which can be turned on with an equally tiny button. Simple! Oh, and there's an adorable little hose that works to drain out the dirty water. Davis' demonstrations show the blenders come out of the machine sparkling clean, but she still consistently reminds her followers that it's ultimately a toy, not a real cleaning device.

"Would I recommend this for everyday use? No," she says in the video. "Like I said, this is a toy. This is not a beauty blender or makeup sponge washer."

The mini washing machine is available for purchase on both Amazon and Ebay, among others and retails between $6 to $20.

Photo via YouTube