Violet Chachki Came to Prada in Head-to-Toe Prada
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Violet Chachki Came to Prada in Head-to-Toe Prada

If wearing Prada to a Prada function is wrong, then escort me out of the building, because I don't want to be right.

Former RuPaul's Drag Race winner, Violet Chachki, in an iconic move arrived to Prada's Milan Fashion Week show in neon pink Prada from their Fall/Winter 2018 collection. In a video posted to Instagram, you can hear the plastic fringe loudly shuffle of Chachki's miniskirt as she struts like Miranda Priestly in a mirrored hallway.

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Chachki likely had the pick of the litter when putting together her outfit considering she was one of the stars of Prada's campaign for the very same collection. Dressed as a Marilyn Monroe then, the campaign featured Chachki alongside Amanda Murphy and Sarah Paulson in a tribute of vintage Vegas. However, its clear now that the neon demon has graduated into a day-glo devil.

Photography: Albert Sanchez & Pedro Zalba (@sanchezzalba)