Vicente Fox Keeps Dragging Trump On Twitter And It's Everything

Vicente Fox Keeps Dragging Trump On Twitter And It's Everything

Some retirees spend their golden years playing golf or drinking piña coladas in Cabo -- that is, unless they're former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who seems to be dedicating a significant portion of his free time to trolling Donald Trump on Twitter.

Using Trump's own preferred platform of communication, Fox has been sending a non-stop stream of fact-driven, expletive-laden tweets that call out Trump's hypocrisy and inadequacies on a number of issues. And, unsurprisingly, a good portion of his tweets have gone viral. He even made the #FuckingWall tag trend worldwide yesterday

That said, Fox says he's here to stay and make Trump's online existence hell.

"I understood Hitler, I understood Napoleon, I understand a lot of very violent ones. This one I don't understand," Fox told Buzzfeed News earlier this month, adding that he, "uses power to fuck people."

So the solution? Heckle the shit out of him -- and, boy, is he good at it.

Then again, it comes as no surprise, as Fox is widely considered to have been one of Mexico's most charismatic presidents, meaning he's good at knowing what people want to hear about and cheer for. Combined with the fact that Mexicans-at-large have been the target of much of Trump's blatantly xenophobic policies and rhetoric, and Fox's determination to drag him to hell makes a lot more sense.

Along these same lines, earlier today he tweeted about the cancellation of current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's scheduled meeting with Trump, praising Peña Nieto and saying, "Mexico deserves dignity and respect."

However, it's also worth noting that Fox's criticism has been side-eyed by leftist Mexicans, who point toward his less-than-effective political track record, as well as his inability to deliver on his promise to eradicate corruption.

"This is the perfect psychological projection," Virgilio Caballero, a lawmaker from the left-leaning Morena party, also told Buzzfeed News. "He turned out to be as much of a liar as he says Trump is."

Even so, it looks as though some of his comments have gotten under Trump's skin. Fox also claims that Trump's team have reached out in the past to arrange a meeting between the two, though Fox said he declined the invitations and reportedly responded, "The answer has always been the same. Behave yourself."

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photo via Youtube/CNBC