I Want to Marry These Vaping Wedding Photos

I Want to Marry These Vaping Wedding Photos

Do you love your Juul? Well, love is probably the wrong word — addiction and obsession are probably better fits. In any case, I love my Juul very much, even though he is very, very bad for me. Yes, he is a he! Even though I became a certified vapist mostly because I wanted to be like a cool Gen Z child, I have christened my Juul Jacob the Juuler in honor of Jacob the Jeweler, born Yakov Arabov, a Bukharian jeweler beloved by the hip-hop community in the early 2000s ("Jacob the Jeweler, baubles, Lorraine Schwartz outta do/It's big ballin' baby when I'm courting you"). This is a reference the Gen Z'ers will probably not understand! So I have both shot myself in the foot and given myself a tremendous Nicotine problem.

In any case, I love Jacob and I am single, so my relationship with him might be the most significant in my life. But Juuls are not just for the lonely! I was recently alerted via viral tweet to the fact that people are vaping in their wedding photos. Apparently engagement rings are not enough juul-ry. Incredible. Perhaps Debra Messing could remake one of her rom-coms: The Wedding Vape.

There is a page on Reddit dedicated to wedding vaping. Over at Elle, they pointed out that this is a certified Thing: there is a vaping wedding planner, a vaping wedding etiquette guide, and a seasonal guide to vaping at weddings. The wide response on Twitter has been one of disgust. But I find the whole thing pretty charming, if destructive to our respective cardiovascular systems. Pop the question, pop the pod.

Photo via Reddit