10 Must-See Brands From Vancouver Fashion Week

10 Must-See Brands From Vancouver Fashion Week

Photography by Hatnim Lee

Vancouver Fashion Week is the place to discover new favorite things. With a focus on emerging and international designers, it's a twice yearly celebration of diversity and difference — and March's fall 2019 shows epitomized those values.

In a sea of more than 72 designers jostling for space in downtown Vancouver, PAPER spotted multiple moments of genius from an array of up-and-coming fashion talent.

We were immediately taken with Peter Zuk's furry gimp masks, Emi Jingu's pearlescent bubble dresses, and Evan Clayton's racing car red suits of armor. Plus Jung Alexander's puffer trenches and Grandi's pom pom party hats. So cute!

The best looks from our top 10 names to know, below.

Sarah Runnalls Collection

Profanity by LillzKillz

Haus of Zuk

Pat Guzik



Emi Jingu

Evan Clayton



Photography: Hatnim Lee